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  • COVID-19 Impact on Solar Street Lighting Market to hit US$12.54 Bn by 2027

    The global solar street lighting market is now turning into a highly lucrative sector owing to the growth assistance by the global market forces and also increasing support from government entities and regulatory bodies. The expansive opportunities for the market development that have come up in ...
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  • Financial report of six major international lighting companies disclosure

    According to foreign media reports, Signify, Acuity, Osram, Hubbell, Cree and LSI have announced their latest quarterly financial reports. Comparing the performance of each brand, we can get a rough idea of ​​the current status of the lighting industry. Signify Signify achieved revenue of 1.469 b...
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  • Signify intends to close a US factory

    According to a report by Salina Post, a local American media, Signify plans to close a factory in Salina, Kansas, in response to the current transformation trend of the lighting industry. Reports show that this factory mainly produces traditional lighting products. As the demand for traditional l...
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  • IEC releases new standards in July 2020

    In July 2020, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) released the following standard updates for lighting products。 IEC 60598-2-23:202 Luminaires – Part 2-23: Particular requirements – Extra-low-voltage lighting systems for ELV light sources IEC TR 61547-1:2020Equip...
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  • New nanoparticle technology can improve LED light output and lifespan

    Improving the performance of LEDs has always been a research topic for scientists. The research team of Imperial College London recently proposed a method of embedding a customizable meta-grid of nanoparticles in LEDs, which can improve the light output and lifespan of L...
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